Life Fit Approach

Our approach is highly personalized and multi faceted. We don't just use one technique or process for everyone. We will thoroughly assess your current status, goals, and help you every step of the way to achieve - Fitness at the Speed of Life.

Your Story

The first step is always the hardest. Perhaps you have tried personal training, exercise, diets, therapy and nothing seems to help or have a lasting benefit. Whatever your experiences or needs we are here to support you.  We work with athletes, high profile individuals, veterans, and anyone who is actively seeking to improve their overall life and well being.

Meet the Team


Joe DiBello

Founder & CEO

Doctorate level training and education in Naturopathic Health compliments my various   certifications in fitness, health, nutrition and naturopathic methods. I am currently studying at MIT in biology, physics, and architecture. My unique background and training has forged LifeFit™ to become a leader in Bio Mechanical Body Reconditioning and Rehabilitation


Next Steps...

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Fitness at Speed of Life