Fight Holiday Bulge with a Guilt-Free Thanksgiving

Let’s Talk Turkey! Wishing all our friends a peaceful and happy start to the holiday season. We are thankful for you!

Once we get past Halloween it feels as if our diet and fitness is in a downward spiral of gluttony and couch potato time. Beyond the over indulgences we have with more holiday visits, parties, and treats we fight off the guilt of enjoying these less than dietic treats.

Men’s Fitness posted a great article on how to “Have a Guilt-Free Thanksgiving.” In you are not alone in your search for a healthy and guilt free holiday.

Every year, Americans sit down at the table and stuff their faces with a Thanksgiving feast. But between the gravy-drenched turkey, the pumpkin pie, and that open-faced sandwich, all that delicious food can total more than 3,500 calories.

That’s at least a pound of fat in only two meals! Your best bet for surviving the holiday intact is to follow these pre- and post-Turkey Day activities so you can burn off those calories before they reach your gut.

Here is their week-long strategy to help you fight holiday bulge. (1)

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There is a lot of support and advice online about holiday fitness, please remember you can always email me with questions on how best to stay fit and healthy during this 2017 holiday season.

How to eat dessert and not feel guilty or stay on your diet?

We’re all about a healthy lifestyle — but skipping dessert on Thanksgiving is just downright wrong! So, while we probably won’t be having a slice of pecan pie, pumpkin pie, ice cream, and a cookie, we’re definitely planning to slip in a sweet treat this Thanksgiving. If you’re worried about totally falling off track on the notorious eating holiday, these desserts are perfect for you! While they’re all not 100 percent clear of sugar and carbs, they’re definitely better choices than whatever grandma is going to bake (sorry, grandma)! (2)

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Thanksgiving and the start of the holidays is more than just good food, it’s about family and thankfulness for our many blessings. This time of year, can be very stressful for folks, so it’s important to stay centered and practice gratitude at the bigger picture that is our lives.

Studies have shown that being optimistic and focusing on what makes you #blessed can banish stress—even just the simple act of acknowledging what you’re grateful for can have an impact on your overall happiness, studies show.

For some inspiration on how to develop a daily gratitude practice of your own, our Well+Good Council members are sharing their go-to ways to give thanks—heavy on the kindness and compassion.

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